Here at Ashley Montoro Photography, we believe in love at first sight...actually, for us it was love at first

positive pregnancy test. Then, like every other first time Mom we took a second test.

And it was still positive. Our lives were forever changed!

Every day that love grew...literally...grew and grew until the moment I met the first one who made me a Mommy.

We are passionate about creating memories that will help you remember what this journey was like-

whether it's your first time or your sixth. Because, let's be honest with pregnancy brain how it is,

you are going to need help remembering pretty much everything! 


Every baby and every pregnancy is something to be celebrated and remembered. 

From stunning maternity photos that show off your true beauty even when you may not feel like your

former self- my little ones love seeing photos of when they were being formed inside me.  

Do it for them! But I promise, you will love them too!

finished-50finished-50 maternity photographyfinished-58maternity portraits in port angeles WA maternity photographyfinished-58maternity portraits in port angeles WA

When it is finally time and the day has arrived,

we have two options for making sure this most life-changing of moments is remembered in all it's raw and magical glory. 


Birth Photography

Option one is our Birth Photography option. We stay in touch at the end of your pregnancy and 

come when you give us the word that baby is making it's way- around 5 to 7 cm-

 and we discreetly shoot the moments that you think you would never want to remember until that baby

is in your arms and then you realize you never want those memories to leave.

I did not have birth photography with my firstborn- and I definitely wish I did.  

I actually ended up with an emergency C-section and I was literally taking pictures with my DSLR while I was still being stitched up.

 That's how passionate I am about not forgetting these first moments!

IMG_2049Birth photography video

It has been my absolute honor to be included in these precious, intimate moments of birth and I form a special bond with

the clients that have me as their birth photographer.  Due to the nature of being on-call, I only accept a limited number of birth clients per year.  


If capturing these once in a lifetime moments intrigues you, let's chat!


Brand New Session

Our second option is a lifestyle newborn session, often referred to as a "Fresh 48 session",

although we are certainly not bound to the 48 hour mark. These sessions are

conveniently done in the hospital or birthing center where the baby is born, or once the baby is home if that suits you all better.

Typically lasting around 2 hours, these sessions capture the essence of your lives at the time baby has entered the world,

the majority of the photos are black and white, full of emotion and documentary in their style. 

finished-7finished-7 finished-33finished-33 finished-35finished-35  

A popular time to schedule the lifestyle session is when the older siblings meet their newest little playmate. 

sneak peek-19sneak peek-19 sneak peek-47sneak peek-47 sneak peek-137sneak peek-137 And, sometimes we even get pictures of the fur sibling with the new addition.

finished-73finished-73newborn and dog photography, newborn photographer Bremerton WA finished-73finished-73newborn and dog photography, newborn photographer Bremerton WA finished-73finished-73newborn and dog photography, newborn photographer Bremerton WA



  For more information, contact us for a complimentary Baby Love Guide that will give you all the

information you need to know about your maternity, lifestyle, or birth session, contact us through

our contact form on our website or call 360-850-3135. Let us be your storytellers at this special time in your life.