Ashley Montoro Photography | Gender Reveal breaks tie of 3-3

Gender Reveal breaks tie of 3-3

May 03, 2017  •  1 Comment

It was so fun to plan and shoot this gender reveal for this sweet family.  This is baby number 5, and a tie breaker for the family of 3 girls and 3 guys.  This baby is being welcomed to one of our finest- a Navy family.  Unfortunately, this means that baby will be born when Daddy is deployed this Fall so it was especially important to find out what the gender would be. It worked out perfectly that Dad happened to be home for a few weeks before he leaves and got to be here for the day they found out who would be the majority in the or pink.  

finished-1finished-1 We played a little game to find out who was guessing Team Pink or Team Blue.  It was just about split down the middle- Mom and the girls thought PINK and Daddy and his parents guessed BLUE.  finished-4finished-4 These confetti poppers were loaded with the color ahead of time, and only I knew.  That was a fun secret to keep!


Even Baby Si guessed- he picked team PINK!


Team Pink is feeling pretty confident! finished-15finished-15 Thumbs up from Team Blue finished-18finished-18

Which will it be...the countdown has begun. 


It's a....

finished-21finished-21 finished-22finished-22

BOY!! Team BLUE wins!! And Daddy is pretty happy about it!  finished-24finished-24 finished-27finished-27 finished-31finished-31 finished-38finished-38 finished-41finished-41 finished-43finished-43 Face-timing family that lives far away to tell them the news! finished-47finished-47 Grandma and Grandpa got to be in town for the reveal- that was a fun addition!!   finished-50finished-50 Mommy was still feeling pretty surprised here- she was pretty positive team PINK was going to win. 

finished-51finished-51 finished-54finished-54 Definitely team BLUE :-) finished-56finished-56 What do you mean I'm not going to be the baby anymore?!!? He definitely thinks someone has some explaining to do! finished-59finished-59   finished-61finished-61

So glad this family trusted me to capture such unique memories for them as they found out what this little one's gender would be.  


Love all the pictures and story line!!! You did a great job!! What a blessing!!!
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